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Kiwi Coffin Club
The club is run by a group of trustees and a committee of nine members.
We operate from premises at 5 Ti St, Rotorua,
Just around the corner from the Mad Butcher in Fenton St.
Meeting Days
We meet every Wednesday from 8.00 am until 1.00 pm but are frequently here subject to other work that needs to be done.
This is a Brief Story based on the History
Kiwi Coffin Club now Charitable Trust.

The idea of making one’s own coffin was mooted at a U3A meeting held here in Rotorua. During 2009/10.

In 2010 a club was duly formed by a group of like-minded people getting together and commenced operating from carport and garage at a private home.

The group had a passion for bringing death to the fore and getting people thinking about their life’s end – and how they would like their own send-off to be.

By 2012 the group had grown and required formalising. This necessitated a  name  for the club, therefore Kiwi Coffin Club was born. A change of operating venue also had to be obtained.

The club grew and grew. This meant the club needed to raise money to help maintain running costs. A meeting ensued and Kiwi Coffin Club became a Charitable Trust during 2016. Once the club was registered as a Charitable Trust, the were able to accept donations and also to give donations from sales, back into the community.

Donations of baby coffins being donated to the neo-natal department at Rotorua Hospital. This happened from the beginning of Kiwi Coffin Club Charitable Trust, and still continues today. Additional donations now being Memory boxes for Little Love Foundation and pet coffins. For every pet coffin made a donation is made to SPCA.

The club founder decided at the end of March 2018 to resign. At our AGM that year, a completely new committee and panel of Trustees was formed. After six months, he building the club was operating from, was placed on the market and we were required to look for new premises. We moved to #5 Ti Street and turned a ware-house into a purposely built building, Where every coffin/casket gets made professionally – under the one roof – from start to finish. We also have a display room, comfortable office and social area.

We now operate out of our wonderful building - with its dust free areas or bays – catering for all our needs. And will be able to for some time to come.

Since 1st. January 2019 we have been extremely lucky in having received donation of a large sliding table saw machine, wood, paint and finishing materials.

There is a storage area where the completed coffin/caskets can be shrink-wrapped and stored on a long or short term basis, for a fee.

The club has a very strong committee and panel of Trustees. Many of the original members that formed the group, are still very active today. We are all part of a united working team who donate their time every Wednesday, enabling us to sell professionally finished coffins/caskets at a low price to the consumer.