Hi fellow members,

Well I must have done an OK job last month with my issue of the September 2013 newsletter. It was good to see that it was read, because dating it September 2013 was my test to all to see if it was actually read. It worked, as I got comments that we are actually in 2019 – that was my first tick, second one was I was asked if I was willing to make it a monthly thing for me to do. So, yes I am back this month so here we go. Will try and get no typographical errors. 

What makes our club special

What makes our club special – we have no age barriers, so this month it goes to our youngest and oldest member. 

Albie – is our eldest Member - I will only say he is 90++. – Albie does a great job painting Thank you for your dedication and time you put into the club and it is not just on club days. 

Poppy is our youngest Member. School is her priority at the moment, but does come along when she is on holiday staying with her Nana Deidre. 

Thank you Poppy for helping me put beads on the hearts for the baby coffins/ Look forward to working with you next holidays.

What’s New

We now have a dedicated area for storage of completed coffins. This is limited, but we still have space available - storage cost is $10 per month.


Do you like our new logo on the top of this newsletter? Chris Knight is our computer whiz, who has been working on this logo as well as getting our facebook page and website set up.  So – if you do Facebook, don”t forget to go on and “like us”. You will find it under “Kiwi Coffin Club Charitable Trust”.  The website is Chris has done a great job setting this up, so go and have a look. Like anything on the internet it is always of job in progress, and Chris will be doing updates on it as required.

Coffins Created

All our volunteers have been very busy over past months, building, painting, lining and the work is never ending. We now have the front of the building set up and a display of the ready made coffins that are always required when time does not allow, so Dianne’s work is never ending ensuring they are ready for use.

Christmas lunch

Wednesday 18th December 12 noon – to be held at the club rooms, Ti Street. 

For catering purposes please - RSVP by 9th December – to 0275494260 

Theme: Christmas (now I wonder why) – pull out your fairy dress or santa suit. 

A secret SANTA gift to the value of $5.00 to share. 


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