Hi fellow members,

Hi fellow members, this comes from me – Jan Kite (that's an intelligent statement to start).  Thought I would do an impromptu newsletter, as Cynthia is not too good at the moment, so firstly, Cynthia our thoughts are with you and hope you are feeling better and back with us soon.

Open Day 14 September:

A BIG thank you to all members for getting our premises looking very presentable for the day, and having good displays for the public to see.  A special thank you to John, who was very busy the week before doing a jigsaw out of carpet pieces, placing them all the in the lunch room area and walkway to the factory. Job well done. Sorry Diane, you have more carpet area to vacuum. 

During the open day we had a visit from our Mayor, Steve Chadwick. She was very impressed with the new building and the work we do. 

Wednesday 19th September:

Wednesday 19th September: We had a visit from Rachael Olds, a lovely young lady who is a student Doctor at Rotorua Hospital, and is in her last couple of months of being a student. She then moves on to be a Junior Doctor at Rotorua Hospital.  She comes from Tamakimakaurau (Auckland) and has been in Rotorua since March this year. During this time, not only the hours she puts in studying and working, she has also attended Te Wananga to learn Te Reo. I was very impressed and makes me want to do the same, (that is learn Te Reo, not be a doctor) as when I, and probably most of us were at school, we learnt only a few words and were never taught the correct pronunciations.  Rachael said she wanted to come and visit us at the Kiwi Coffin Club after she had read one of our flyers in a stand at the Hospital. She asked her supervisor what we did, and was told to watch the movie on You Tube. She was very impressed with the video, and her visit was the first Wednesday off  that she could come along and see in person, how we go about our doing what we do.  Good thinking Ron for putting the flyers at the hospital. From that we met Rachael, and she will be back when her busy roster allows.  Thank you Rachael for teaching me how to do a selfie, which of course, she said I have to share.

A big thank you to Pam Otway

Pam and her husband were in Rotorua staying with Kay and Roger. Pam is a life- long friend of Kay and they are visiting from Bacton, Norfolk, England. Pam came along to club days with Kay, and she was kind enough to give me some ideas for making hearts for the baby coffins. First of all she got Dave in the workshop to make a wooden template. Then created this little beauty. Pam hand sewed it, but I think I may take the lazy way out and use a sewing machine! Thank you Pam for your lessons. Very much appreciated.  Back in England, they make these out of Christmas material and use them as decorations on Christmas trees. You may want to think about this, and, as a reminder on Wednesday at club – it is only THREE MONTHS TO CHRISTMAS.

On that note,

I think I will end this epistle, go outside and enjoy some of this lovely sunshine.

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