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Rotorua based Kiwi Coffin club makes coffins in return for donations. After hearing about the tragedy in Samoa, they decided to contact their suppliers

twenty-four people - mainly children - who died in the Samoa measles outbreak will get a dignified burial due to a Rotorua club's labour of love.

The call came from a Samoan in Auckland, New Zealand, by way of the man’s father, an undertaker in Samoa: They needed children’s caskets.

So Ron Wattam of the Kiwi Coffin Club sprang into action.

A group of volunteers from Rotorua has been working 12-hour days to make tiny coffins for the victims of Samoa's measles crisis. 

"Every single one of us are volunteers. All senior citizens and I say that being 70, and the oldest being 90," said Ron Wattam, the trustee and treasurer of the Rotorua Kiwi Coffin Club.